1910 Mills Dewey Musical Nickel Slot Machine

1935 Western Electric Piano Company Western Sweep Stakes

Mills Silk Screen Side

This is applied with a silk screen, not a stencil.

Callie Silk Screen Side

This is applied with a silk screen, not a stencil.

1920 Callie Victory Bell Front Vender

1920 Callie Victory Bell

1903 Mills Pneumatic Punching Bag

1931 Mills War Eagle

1937 Pace Royal Comet

1934 Pace Vender Front

1926 Mutoscope by International Mutoscope Reel Co.

1910 Mills Lifter

1932 O.D. Jennings Co. Little Duke

1920 Holcomb & Hoke Popcorn Machine

1935 Grand National by J.P. Seeburg Co.

1911 Mills Automatic Gum Vender 4-Column

1934 Balley Spark Plug

1947 Wurlitzer 1080 Jukebox

1913 Mills OK Gum Vender 4-Column

1928 Mills Pointsetta

1935 Darby by I.T.C. Evan’s Co.

1910 Mills Novelty Dewey

Watling Roll A Top Cherry Front

1901 Watling Style 1 Guessing Scale

Step on the scale and dial your weight if you guess right your penny is returned

1909 Mills Punching Bag Machine

Punching Bag Machine was produced by Mills Novelty Co. in 1903.

1910 Mills Three Column Automatic Gum Vender

1935 Mills Castle Front


1902 Mills Imperial Shocker

In response to this interest in electricity as a cure-all, Mills Novelty Co. produced the ‘Electricity Is Life’ machine in order to provide a similarly tingling effect for amusement. These machines usually have a pair of handles that are connected to an induction coil. Attached to the coil is a buzzer that takes DC voltage…

Mills Quartoscope

Quartoscope Quartoscope was produced by Mills Novelty Co. in 1897. Quartoscope Description This penny picture machine displays 48 pictures – four different sets of twelve stereo card shows. These were made to accept pennies or nickels. The viewer has to spend four coins to see them all. Mills Novelty Co. Pat. October 12, 1897. Some…

Fey Target Practice

Fey Target Practice Mfg: Charles Fey & Co, San Francisco, CA Year: 1928 Charles Fey & Co. Fun Facts Fact 1: Charles Fey & Co. started releasing pistol range machines in 1920. Fact 2: When Charles Fey was 23 he had saved enough money to travel and decided to follow his uncle who had moved…

1928 Superior Mints of Fortune

1938 Lucky

Lucky was produced by Norris Manufacturing Co. in 1938.

1935 Reel Amusement

Reel Amusement was produced by Norris Manufacturing Co. in 1935.

Watling Rol-A-Top 5¢ Slot Machine

Rol-A-Top was produced by Watling Manufacturing Co. in 1935.

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