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We BUY Caille Bros. Machines

The Detroit-based Caille Bros. Manufacturing Company along with Chicago-based Mills Novelty Company, were one of the most successful companies in the United States coin-operated machine industry during the 19th century and early 20th century. They became popular releasing not only slot machines, but grew the company to encompass arcade games, weight scales, strength testers, gum machines and Bagatelle-style games.

Do you have an antique Cailles slot or coin-operated machine in good or bad shape? If so, you have come to the right place! Casino Restorations is a premiere company for the art of restoring antique penny arcade machines and slot machines made before 1940s.

We buy antique slots, penny arcade machines, automatic music items as well as antique vending machines and DeMoulin paraphernalia. We are looking for all machines which are old and coin operated. We pay top prices.

Email us including some pictures so we can begin the process of turning your antiques into cash.

We look forward to hearing from you. Call us or email us to discuss the machine you are looking to buy, sell or trade.

Selling Your Antique Caille Slot Machine?

We buy original slots, arcade machines, DeMoulin paraphernalia, penny arcade machines, unique vending machines, and antique music and advertising. We have been dealing in vintage coin-operated machines for decades. We love these great 20th Century antiques. The best thing about these great collectables is that you can play with them, not just display them. We are constantly buying and restoring one or more of these classics.

Wander through our website to see just a small sampling of the vast array of machines we deal in. Rest assured that all of our transactions are handled in a discreet professional manner.

Here at Casino Restorations, we pay the highest cash prices for quality machines. We can have machines looked at and picked up from anywhere quickly and professionally. Call Us or email us to discuss your machine.

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    We would love to hear about what you would like to sell. We pay top dollar for vintage Mills coin-operated machines in any condition!

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    Caille Bros. Manufacturing Company

    Machines We Have Restored

    Callie Silk Screen Side

    This is applied with a silk screen, not a stencil.

    1920 Callie Victory Bell Front Vender

    1920 Callie Victory Bell

    Caille Detroit Floor Wheel (1898), Multi Tester (1900s), Forty-Five (1900-1909), Apollo Muscle Test (1901-1910), Black Cat (1902), Little Wonder Skill Mach. (1902), Log Cabin (1902), Caille-O-Scope (1904), Mickey Finn (a.k.a. Tug-Of-War) (1904), Tower Lifter (1904), Centaur (1907), Silver Cup (1909-1915), Rubber-Neck Blowing Machine (1913), Superior Jackpot (1926-1932), Silent Sphinx (1931-1933)

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