Quartoscope was produced by Mills Novelty Co. in 1897.

Quartoscope Description

This penny picture machine displays 48 pictures – four different sets of twelve stereo card shows. These were made to accept pennies or nickels. The viewer has to spend four coins to see them all. Mills Novelty Co. Pat. October 12, 1897. Some of these machines are known as the Mills Improved Quartoscope or Quartoscope Picture Machine.

Operated machine has a quartersawn oak case with front and side panels; cast iron handles mounted on each side and stands on cast iron cabriole legs having a copper toned finish. Has the view finder on top with coin slot below, inset coin and pull the lever on the right side of the case to turn on the interior light and show a series of 12 slides, there is a total of 4 sets of slides in the case

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